Dale performs pieces no one else does. He has pioneered new advances in music education, new implements to touch and reach greater audiences. He has boldly gone where no clarinetist has, and his mission: to share enriching, engaging stories. With everyone.

Classical Music.
Contemporary Design.



D  A  L  E   F  E  D  E  L  E





Dale is all about communication. It's not just presentation - it's the development of ideas that keeps us interested in art. But only if it's laid out in a way that respects our attention. Through constant study of designers, from Ferari to DaVinci, from Apple to Mozart, Dale creates experiences filled with life - and relevant to anyone.


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Dale's websites are as finely tuned as his music.

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It's your turn.


Are you ready for an intelligent, practical approach to music lessons? Dale has seen incredible success with his students.

Or are you looking for a classical performer like no other?


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